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Forward Thinking VariableData 1200x628

Don’t overlook the impact of variable data printing

By Heritage Printing / March 1, 2019

If you’re not doing variable data printing, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to command the attention of your customers and prospects. Personalized marketing can drive a significant improvement in your revenue, brand loyalty, and customer acquisition and retention. With more messages fighting for your ideal customer’s limited attention, targeting the right message to…

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Heritage PunchAbove 1200x628

Punch above your weight with a direct mail/email combo

By Heritage Printing / January 28, 2019

Direct mail and email can accomplish much more together than they can separately, thanks to their unique combination of strengths – like a skilled boxer, mixing up jabs with a devastating right hook. We’ve written extensively (here and here) about the unbeatable benefits of this knockout combination. What’s less obvious are the numerous creative ways…

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Forward Thinking FlyerAttn 1200x628

Flyers that command attention

By Heritage Printing / December 31, 2018

Many marketers want to bring attention to their online campaigns, but give the offline components the cold shoulder. By doing so, they’re missing a valuable opportunity to command the attention of prospective buyers and convey their messages in a memorable way. Here are some valuable tips to design flyers that will compel your target audience…

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Envelope Feature Image

Make a big splash with a unique envelope treatment and get NOTICED!

By Heritage Printing / December 4, 2018

Creative envelope treatments are a perfect opportunity to differentiate your direct mail pieces and grab your audience’s attention. Yet many marketers squander it by sending out mailers that don’t even leave a ripple as they land in your mailbox. Yawn… Circular file. If you’re looking to command the attention of your target audience, you need…

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Overflowing Garbage

Overflowing garbage presents an opportunity

By Heritage Printing / October 23, 2018

It can be difficult to reach your customers and prospects using email when their inboxes are overflowing with garbage. Think about it: How much email do you get every day and how much direct mail do you get every day? Often a strikingly designed, quality print piece can generate greater brand visibility than the best…

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Forward Thinking ChoosePrinter

How to choose a printing company: 4 qualities of a great printer

By Heritage Printing / October 1, 2018

If your company needs printed marketing materials, there are plenty of printer options out there—probably a few local printers right around the corner. The trick is knowing how choose a printing company who can meet your needs on time, offer high quality customer service, and of course, charge reasonable prices. So what qualities should you…

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Forward Thinking Professional Brochure

4 tips for creating a professional brochure

By Heritage Printing / August 21, 2018

Are you tired and frustrated from your customers and prospects ignoring your brochures?  It’s time to rethink your approach. 4 tips for professional design to ensure your brochure clicks with your customers: 1. Have the Final Layout in Mind Before you get started, know that when you create a brochure, there are a ton of…

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Forward Thinking PackAPunch 1200x628

4 keys to crafting awesome print marketing materials

By Heritage Printing / August 2, 2018

Your print marketing materials are often your customer’s first impression of your business—so it’s vital that your postcard, mailer or brochure is designed to pack a punch and ensure lasting impact. Print marketing materials are an investment in your sales strategy and ultimately an extension of your sales team—they’re a critical way to get your…

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