Supercharge direct mail with video

Supercharge direct mail with video

Imagine that you’ve just received a box in the mail. You slide a rectangular dimensional brochure out of the mailing box and discover it’s attractively branded with the name of a vendor you’re considering. 

The teaser copy on the cover invites you to open it. When you do so, a video screen immediately starts playing a welcome message and then invites you to tap on several buttons to learn more about the company’s products and solutions.

Attention-getting? You bet!

Video mailers combine slimline LCD screens with traditional brochures. You can easily record a short video or slide show and upload them to the video mailer. When the recipient opens its cover, the content automatically plays.

The combination of sound, video, and printed words creates instant engagement. In contrast, a postcard containing a QR code requires the recipient to scan it to view your message – an extra step that they may not take if they’re really busy.

Video mailers create a unique and engaging experience that captivates viewers like no other type of marketing material. Some configurations can include interactive buttons on the screen. This enables viewers to follow several paths through the information you’ve recorded. 

 For example, one button could lead to a brief product demonstration, while another could feature customer testimonials. Or buttons could provide pathways to information that’s tailored to different vertical markets or unique sets of audience needs.

The panels of the mailer, which serve as the carrier for the LCD screen, can also contain branding and other messages. In addition, “well box” configurations enable you to include a sample of your product, event invitation or additional literature as part of your mailing.

Unlimited creativity

How savvy marketers are using video mailers today is truly stunning. They include:

  • Product teaser videos
  • Educational or instructional videos 
  • Product demonstrations
  • Tutorials/training
  • Customer testimonials
  • New product launches
  • Point-of-sale pitches
  • Fundraising
  • Tradeshow giveaways
  • Event invitations
  • Post-event communications with key prospects
  • Recruiting for key positions
  • Showcase new houses for sale
  • Infomercials
  • Messaging to key prospects (ABM campaigns)

The uses are only limited by your creativity.

Why now?

There are several reasons why now is the time to add video mailers to your marketing mix:

Sales door-opener: The pandemic has changed the landscape of sales forever. In many industries, face-to-face selling is taking a back seat to remote selling. More than ever, companies are using technology to achieve their sales goals. And one of the drivers of this trend is video mailers. They can often help you get past sales “gatekeepers” to reach key decision-makers.

Thought leadership shortcut: Video mailers are a unique opportunity for you to showcase your organization as an authoritative voice within your industry – a smart organization that can help to solve your audience’s problems. Plus, this marketing tool can help to differentiate your company from your competitors.

ABM campaign booster: One of the most intriguing uses of video mailers is creating personalized messages to key sales prospects – otherwise known as account-based marketing (ABM). One key to successful ABM campaigns is creating a personalized experience for your ideal prospects. 

Imagine a key prospect opening your video brochure to hear a customized message talking to them by name and addressing their deepest needs and challenges. After viewing this brief introduction, they can then tap on the screen to view additional videos that showcase your product and customer testimonials. 

The bottom line is that video mailers have a high level of novelty – most people haven’t seen or experienced them before. Plus, they’re relatively affordable, which means you can run experiments to see how your audience reacts to them. Why not try adding one to your next campaign?

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