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How to use direct mail to change your customer experience

How to use direct mail to change your customer experience

By Heritage Printing / June 14, 2022

“Buy now!”  “Only 2 hours left on our biggest sale of the season!”  “Don’t miss out!” Your customers are constantly bombarded with urgent offers and solicitations online. Is it any wonder they’ve developed mental filters to block out the relentless tsunami of unwanted messaging?  Unfortunately, this makes it hard for your legitimate messages to break…

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How print rocks your brain

How print rocks your brain

By Heritage Printing / May 16, 2022

Want to double the impact of your marketing? Add print to your mix of media and messaging. Boom! Print burrows its way into the brains of your audience and seduces their synapses in ways that digital media can’t equal. In a world that seems to be dominated by digital marketing, print is the savvy marketer’s…

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How to use multi-channel targeting in direct mail campaigns

How to use multi-channel targeting to improve the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns

By Heritage Printing / April 14, 2022

Do you ever wish that your direct mail campaigns generated a bigger impact? One powerful way to increase their effectiveness is to use targeted data to communicate with your ideal customers – online and offline.  Using multiple channels to reach them, including print, email and digital ads, can help you significantly increase response rates, improve…

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Direct mail for sales enablement

7 ways to use direct mail for sales enablement 

By Heritage Printing / March 16, 2022

Direct mail is highly regarded as a marketing tool for creating brand awareness. But   have you considered direct mail for sales? Whether you’re selling a product or service, fundraising, or recruiting, direct mail is the savvy salesperson’s secret weapon. Why is direct mail such a powerful sales enablement tool? Because direct mail creates a…

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6 unique ways to measure direct mail effectiveness

(including a few you may not be aware of)

By Heritage Printing / February 1, 2022

Almost everyone knows that there are multiple metrics you can use to evaluate the impact of digital marketing. But how do you measure direct mail effectiveness? Tracking the performance of direct mail takes a little planning and a touch of cleverness, but it CAN be done. Here are six unique ways you can measure your…

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3 Direct Mail Statistics You Cant Afford To Ignore

3 direct mail statistics you can’t afford to ignore

By Heritage Printing / January 4, 2022

During the whirlwind of change that has affected businesses, educational institutions, non-profits and consumers during the last two years, e-commerce has boomed. As many activities have moved online during the pandemic, you may have expected direct mail to languish.  But the opposite has happened: It’s booming like never before! Here are three statistics you can’t…

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KPIs Get More From Your Data

KPIs: Get more from your data

By Heritage Printing / November 30, 2021

Is your marketing investment making or costing you money? Taking a more rigorous and strategic approach to your marketing data can give you a clearer picture of its impact and increase your odds of success. Many organizations are awash in a sea of marketing data, and struggle to make sense of it. 87% of marketers…

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Selecting The Best Marketing Distribution Channels For Your Messages

Select the Best Marketing Distribution Channels for Your Messages

By Heritage Printing / October 6, 2021

If your audience doesn’t receive your message, it won’t matter how informative, witty or motivating it is. Selecting the right channels for your message is as crucial as crafting the right message itself. Otherwise, it’s like you’re shooting in the dark, hoping to hit a target you can’t even see.  To get your marketing messages…

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Marketing Creative Messaging And Design

Stand out and grab eyeballs with creative messaging and design

By Heritage Printing / September 1, 2021

You can develop the best marketing plan. You may have excellent audience data. But if you don’t have the right creative messaging and design, it won’t attract the audience you’re trying so hard to influence and persuade to take action. Wondering how to make your messages grab eyeballs and command attention?  Today we explore the…

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Data quality

Data development and analysis: Reaching the right target audience

By Heritage Printing / April 5, 2021

High-quality data is critical to the success of your organization. It enables you to target, reach and influence your ideal prospects with laser-like accuracy. It empowers you to convert more of them into customers, donors, members and students.  Trying to do business without accurate and complete data is like shooting darts blindfolded. You may get…

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