How Wildeck saves money with print on demand

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Offset printing usually requires a minimum run to be cost-effective. This often results in manufacturers having far more literature than they need, and higher printing costs than they would prefer. Until recently, this was the case for Wildeck, the largest U.S. manufacturer of lifting, guarding and high access solutions for material handling and storage systems.

Wildeck Portal

The solution: A print-on-demand portal

In 2017, Wildeck’s marketing manager learned that Heritage Printing offered a customizable print-on-demand portal that could help save money on printing costs. Wildeck wouldn’t need to stockpile large quantities of literature, significantly reducing waste. Distributors could order, the quantities they needed on a self-serve basis 24/7, saving time for Wildeck’s marketing staff. Plus, collateral pieces could be customized with the distributor’s logo and contact information.

As a bonus, Heritage could customize the portal to meet Wildeck’s needs, branding it with the company’s logo and corporate colors. In addition, Heritage could create a folder structure that would help distributors quickly find, customize and order what they need.

Wildeck signed an agreement to have Heritage create its portal in October 2017. This secure website was launched in January 2018 with an extensive selection of collateral and marketing materials:

  • Sell sheets
  • Product line brochures
  • Case studies
  • A corporate profile
  • Quotation request forms
  • Notepads
  • A customizable direct mail piece

A “What’s New” section enables distributors to learn about the latest materials Wildeck has added to the portal. New documents include a customizable dealer mailer and information about a new dealer discount program. Distributors can create a “wish list” of items using the portal’s “save for later” function. Print orders are shipped within 24 hours.

“The print-on-demand website has helped us meet the needs of our customers without storing large quantities of printed brochures,” explains Kelly Kamlager, Wildeck’s director of marketing. “It has simplified the process of providing current and quality printed resources to our nationwide dealers.”

A bonus: Digital asset management

In addition, the Heritage portal enables Wildeck to offer its distributors a “marketing tool kit” – over 230 approved digital images, organized in six categories. Each file is strategically named and watermarked for future online search optimization. Distributors can download and use these images in their emails, social media posts and other online content.

“This makes it easy for our dealers to access approved-for-use product photography and application images for their projects,” Kamlager adds.

Since the Wildeck portal was launched in January 2018, three to five distributors per month have registered to use it. The portal experienced a significant uptick in traffic when Wildeck added a link to the portal on its website.

Thanks to Heritage’s print-on-demand service and customizable web portal, Wildeck’s business is moving up.

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