Want to get your next direct mailer opened?

Direct mail marketing is one way to market a business. There are different direct marketing tools you may use. One of the most effective is a sales letter. Sales letters can help generate leads and drive sales with the help of compelling copy and more importantly, an irresistible offer. But before your recipients get to read your letter, they have to be motivated by your envelope to do so.

To get the envelope opened, it must first capture your prospective customers’ attention. Your campaign’s success depends directly on the open rate of your envelope. By carefully implementing these best practices, you can significantly bump up your open and response rates. To help you accomplish this goal, here are some tips on how you can maximize your next direct mail campaign.

  • Tease your recipients – A teaser printed on the outside of the envelope hints at the benefits you are offering inside. Your teaser can be something that would pique your recipient’s curiosity. Or you may choose to list several of your benefits altogether. You may also include a call to action that aims to drive your audience to know what’s inside the envelope.
  • Make it personal – Personal letters have a greater chance of being opened than other types of letters. And one way of making your direct mail look personal is by handwriting the name and address of the recipient.
  • Make it official – Just the opposite of a personalized-style envelope but with almost similar effect, an envelope that has an “official” look urges a recipient to open it right away. Emphasize the importance of your mail by marking it with a “intended for recipient only.”
  • Choose quality materials – The quality of your envelopes can make a lot of difference in getting your mail opened. Imagine yourself receiving a sales letter in a cheap, flimsy envelope. What would be your first impression? So give your envelopes a strong and sturdy feel.

Even though the world has started to rely on digital marketing, not everyone runs to the Internet for credible sources of information. In a marketing study, it was revealed that a significant amount of respondents prefer to receive direct mail over email. So when done right, your direct mail campaign can reach a market that is more open to your offer. But a sales letter can only do its job when it is read. So make your envelope design enticing enough to compel your recipients to open and read your marketing message.

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