Take Advantage of Trends in Interactive Print

As more consumers rely on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, your marketing strategy must adapt. Interactive print can serve as a link between print and digital, helping you connect with these consumers.

Personalized URLs (PURLs) send customers to a website customized specifically for them. This increases response rates and engagement, creating a stronger impression of your brand.

Quick-response (QR) codes let your company take advantage of new smartphone technology. Customers use their camera phones to scan printed 2D barcodes on marketing collateral and other promotional materials. This instantly reveals digital content – a video, application, vCard (electronic business card) or website material – that provides more information about the brand.

Augmented reality (AR) enables large printed graphics to become interactive 3D images when placed in front of a webcam. As an example, a 3D product image can enhance a product launch.

Each interactive print option gets consumers actively involved by clicking a link, scanning a barcode, or capturing an image with a webcam. The interaction helps your marketing campaign make a stronger impression.

While they’re great for prompting transactions on specific products or serving as coupon codes, misusing them can actually hurt your campaign. As with all new bells and whistles, it’s important to apply these methods wisely.

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