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Data quality

Data development and analysis: Reaching the right target audience

By Heritage Printing / April 5, 2021

High-quality data is critical to the success of your organization. It enables you to target, reach and influence your ideal prospects with laser-like accuracy. It empowers you to convert more of them into customers, donors, members and students.  Trying to do business without accurate and complete data is like shooting darts blindfolded. You may get…

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Niche Marketing: Ya Gotta Dig Deep to Strike Marketing Gold

By Robert Wendt / April 11, 2013

Take a quick peek at your mail today, or look in your email inbox, and you’ll see what I like to call “NICHIFICATON.” Retail marketing giants know that sending customized marketing messages to those who like THIS vs. those who like THAT leads to increased sales. The days of sending out one “umbrella” message are…

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