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Direct Mail Makes an Impact on Generation Y

By Robert Wendt / April 11, 2012

There’s a large, highly educated, influential segment of the population that likes to spend and is receptive to direct mail. They’re the young consumers who make up Generation Y, and if you’re not engaging them yet, it’s time to start. This group — also known as Millennials — is widely thought to rival the Baby…

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Postage discounts with QR codes

By Robert Wendt / June 23, 2011

The Post Office just announced a 3% discount above and beyond the Standard and First Class rates for mailings in July and August that incorporate QR codes (in letters, flats, or postcards). This is a great way to save on postage and benefit from the use of QR codes to get your customers to come…

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Spice It Up with QR Codes

By Robert Wendt / May 12, 2011

You probably have been seeing more QR codes lately. These are two-dimensional codes (most often in black-and-white but sometimes in color) that you scan or snap with your smartphone. They usually take you to a website where you can access content, get discounts, watch videos, and experience a wide variety of marketing content right on…

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It’s all about choice

By Robert Wendt / November 30, 2010

Can’t figure out the best way for your customers to respond? Let them choose! There are a lot of factors that come into play for a direct mail campaign to be successful. People spend a lot of time thinking about the creative, offer, and target lists. Sometimes we forget about call to action and make…

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How QR Codes can improve response to your marketing

By Robert Wendt / November 22, 2010

Perhaps you’ve seen QR codes in magazine articles or on bulletin boards. They are very similar to barcodes you see printed on your mail or on products in the store, but instead of a series of bars, they are square and use a series of smaller squares or other patterns to create attractive puzzle-like images.…

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