3 Direct Mail Statistics You Cant Afford To Ignore

3 direct mail statistics you can’t afford to ignore

By Heritage Printing / January 4, 2022

During the whirlwind of change that has affected businesses, educational institutions, non-profits and consumers during the last two years, e-commerce has boomed. As many activities have moved online during the pandemic, you may have expected direct mail to languish.  But the opposite has happened: It’s booming like never before! Here are three statistics you can’t…

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Heritage PunchAbove 1200x628

Punch above your weight with a direct mail/email combo

By Heritage Printing / January 28, 2019

Direct mail and email can accomplish much more together than they can separately, thanks to their unique combination of strengths – like a skilled boxer, mixing up jabs with a devastating right hook. We’ve written extensively (here and here) about the unbeatable benefits of this knockout combination. What’s less obvious are the numerous creative ways…

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Open Sesame

By Johnathan Crawford / January 29, 2013

One challenge faced by both direct mail and email is getting the communication piece opened. In emails, using an intriguing subject line gets people to click open the message. For postal direct mailers, the challenge is getting recipients to tear open the envelope or self-mailer so they see and read what’s inside. So how do…

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Three Rules of Direct Marketing – Plus a Fourth

By Johnathan Crawford / December 18, 2012

Marketing as having two foundation stones. The first is brand marketing: developing strategies and messages that build value for our product or service by influencing the way people think and feel about them. The second foundation stone occurs when we ask for the order by presenting and discussing a price. That’s the “direct” part of…

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