Inventive solutions for marketing challenges

Inventive Solutions For Marketing Challenges: Recruiting Nurses And CNAs

One of our core values at Heritage Printing is leveraging our knowledge to create new solutions. As businesses struggle to grow in today’s disruptive business climate, this mindset is more critical than ever.

The right direct marketing printer can provide you with fresh, creative thinking about marketing collateral, direct mail, sales support materials, database management and more – strategies that command attention, get results and help you to grow your business.

Here’s an example.

Heritage recently helped a senior living facility in the greater Milwaukee area to launch a recruitment campaign for nurses and CNAs. There were three essential components to this successful project:

  1. Strategy: Selection of the right communication channels to reach the target audience.
  2. Compelling messaging and offer: Relevant copy, images and a call to action that resonated with the target audience.
  3. List acquisition: A current and accurate list of contacts to target.

Background and strategy

This non-profit organization operates independent living, catered assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing care and rehabilitation facilities at campus. It has a rich history of providing mission-based services to its residents.

This philosophy extends to the people it hires to care for its beloved residents. It seeks individuals who are looking for greater meaning and purpose in their work.

This senior care facility turned to Heritage Printing for help in developing a print campaign to help it recruit nurses and CNAs to join its dedicated team of professional care-givers. To attract them, the Heritage team designed a pair of postcards with messages that focused on:

  • CNAs who were looking to change jobs (“Are you a CNA ready for a change?”), and
  • Nurses who were looking for greater meaning in their work (“Come work where what you do matters”).

Creative, messaging and call to action

“It was very much an altruistic appeal,” recalls Heritage Creative Director Johnathan Crawford. “We didn’t just promote job openings but appealed to candidates’ commitment to the well-being of their patients. Our approach was also designed to attract candidates who weren’t just looking for a job but for greater meaning in their work,” he explains.

Heritage developed the creative concepts for the two postcards and wrote the copy for them. To sweeten the offer, Heritage recommended that each postcard offer a $50 Target gift card to the first 25 nurses and CNAs who toured the center’s facilities. This tactic was effective in getting candidates to consider a visit and have a conversation about opportunities to work there.

“These tours enabled them to meet current employees and residents and to come to their own conclusions about its exceptional culture,” Crawford added.

Whether these visits resulted in immediate job offers or not, they enabled the facility to create a pool of potential candidates who may be willing to join their staff at a future date.

Data, printing and mailing

To help it reach its target audience, Heritage purchased two lists, tailored to attract the perfect job candidates – currently employed nurses and CNAs who may be looking for new opportunities:

  • Nurses: Women who are currently nurses, 30-50 years old, within a 25-mile radius of Dousman.(approximately 2,400 people)
  • CNAs: Women 17-40 years old, within a 25-mile radius of Dousman (approximately 2,700 people)

Careful attention was required to orchestrate the details of these postcard mailings, ensuring that this process was smooth and cost-effective for this well-respected senior care facility.

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