“Pushing the Envelope” — Marketing with a Digital Press

With the recent addition of our new digital envelope press, short run, full-color envelopes have never been easier (or more affordable) to add some FLASH to your marketing campaigns.

Gone are the days of fuzzy images or less-than-stellar color delivery. New digital technologies consistently produce high-quality images so crisp you’ll be hard-pressed to tell they weren’t printed in a traditional fashion.

With digital printing, options abound on the ability to use color. Images and data can be added on the fly in accordance with your database. For example:

  • A local oil-change facility might put a car of the same style and color as yours on the envelope to entice you to open their personalized mailer.
  • A grocery store can add photos of items you regularly purchase to their mailers with coupons inside.

The more accurate your database, the more options available to you to add instant, personalized touches to your envelopes.

Our digital envelope press can now address your envelope at the same time your customized outside printing takes place — streamlining the process and making delivery times even quicker.

Envelope sizes range from a small A2 (perfect for invitations) all the way up to a 10″ x 13″ catalog-sized envelope that can deliver your full-size sales forms, spec sheets, or other promotional materials you don’t want bent or folded when mailed.

Custom envelopes are a great way to reinforce your company’s identity; to create a clean, consistent impression; and to engage potential customers and clients to interact with your mailer.

Paying attention to details — like by creating personalized, full-color envelopes for your customers — helps manage your brand consistently, increases your company’s visibility, and BOOSTS your sales. Now that’s marketing that really “pushes the envelope”!

If you’d like to use customized, color envelopes for your next mailer, contact us at Heritage today.

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