Postcards can help your next marketing campaign shine

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Are you sick of stressing out over your next marketing campaign?

Let’s face it: undertaking a marketing campaign (especially a direct mail campaign) is fraught with PRESSURE. There are design considerations, crafting your message, printing logistics and dealing with the post office – all of which you face while wondering the million-dollar question: Is anyone even going to read this?

Well, your job just got quite a bit simpler. For your next direct mail campaign, promotion or event, take the smart route… use postcards to make life easier (and get the results you want)!

Postcards are an economical way to deliver your message. At Heritage Printing, we know direct mail, so we’ll help you through the entire process – from messaging, to design, to mailing.

Here’s why you should give postcards a shot:

Postcards are simple.

It doesn’t get more simple than a postcard. One item, front and back. One eye-catching photo with a clear, decisive message. Plus, postcards call for ONE message and ONE action. You couldn’t ask for a more direct, direct mail.

  • Contact us now.
  • Get this deal by calling today.
  • Call us for a free estimate.
  • Call us for your discount.

Just imagine your entire marketing campaign objective distilled into one simple message. If you stick to a singular call to action, your customers will respond – so go for it!

Postcards get read.

Postcards are effective because they resonate with your customer. BAM: there’s nothing to open, nothing to avoid – there’s no doubt your postcard will BE SEEN.

Plus, postcards are a great way to show off your brand. Is your brand classic? Reliable? Fun? Cutting-edge? Your postcard lets customers know exactly who you are, ad just a glance. Better yet, by targeting and segmenting your mailing list, you’ll learn exactly who your customers are and what clicks with them.

The visual nature of postcards really drives the message home. You can say so much with a great image, a catchy tagline and a professional finish. Choose a finish to soften (matte) or brighten up (gloss) your message. You could even offer postcards with scratch ‘n’ sniff! Your customer will read, see (and even smell) your message loud and clear.

Postcard campaigns are less expensive.

How much will a postcard campaign cost? Is it the best investment? Well, many factors determine the price of your direct mail campaign (number of pieces, printing, postage, etc.). But suffice it to say, direct mail marketing results in a lower cost-per-lead than many other options. Postcards are the least costly direct mail option – so they’re a great bang for your marketing buck.

Additionally, factor in time spent writing and rewriting letters, stuffing envelopes and even building online campaigns. (SO time consuming!) Time is money and postcards require fewer man-hours. Even if you wisely choose oversized postcards (which get more attention) the production cost and postage difference can be nominal.

It’s time to give postcards a shot.

Postcards practically pay for themselves. At Heritage Printing, we’re here to help you with postcard design, graphics, printing and mailing. Our postcards get noticed, get read and make you look great, too!  Let’s chat. 

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