Postage discounts with QR codes

The Post Office just announced a 3% discount above and beyond the Standard and First Class rates for mailings in July and August that incorporate QR codes (in letters, flats, or postcards). This is a great way to save on postage and benefit from the use of QR codes to get your customers to come to your website, video, or other promotion idea in response to your mailing.

Heritage can help you qualify for this upfront discount and provide you with the technology to create, produce and incorporate QR codes into your next mailing. Your next mailing can be much more exciting and generate much higher results by integrating your direct mail with an online experience for response.

More details can be found at

Or use this!

More about QR codes: they are a way to make it easier for Smartphone users to access your promotion by scanning your QR code which launches their browsers and takes them to your website, a landing page, a YouTube video, etc. The ideas are endless!

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