How PURLs Improve Your Response Rates

Need to break through the clutter to engage someone with your marketing message?

Try print media with a twist — ADD PURLs.

Allow me to explain . . .

More than 60% of online brand searches begin because of a printed message. When you combine print media with PURLs — personalized URLs — you’re giving your customers a fast, easy (and measureable) way to meet their needs.

Personalization is the key to achieving an outstanding response rate. You must target a particular demographic and create an individualized message for each person within it. This BOOSTS your direct mail response rate dramatically, because you’re providing highly relevant information. This cross-media mix also keeps your marketing costs in line.

So how do you create these personalized messages and PURLs?

First, divide your target audience into subgroups; use Variable Data Printing to print direct mail messages that are relevant to each group. Then enhance the individualization by using personalized URLs (PURLs) within the piece, for example: Visiting that PURL takes the customer to a personalized digital landing page, full of copy and messages written expressly for that subgroup.

You can track who uses which PURLs and what they click on within each personalized landing page. Analyzing this data helps you concentrate your follow-up efforts on each customer’s particular area of interest.

HINT: Make sure your offline and online messages complement one another. The printed piece acts as a teaser, giving customers just enough information to make them hungry to learn more. The PURL then gives them an easy way to make the leap from your printed piece to your digital message, which needs to deliver on any promises made in your teaser.

Be sure your personalized digital landing page is LOADED with terrific content for a satisfying conclusion.

The BOOM-POW combination of print and digital media delivers excellent consumer response rates and increases the reach of your marketing efforts. Print offers high read and open rates, while digital provides long consumer-engagement rates. This synergy creates better response rates and, ultimately, a higher return on your marketing investment.

So wrap your next direct mail message in PURLs!

Learn more about PURLs in our ebook 10 Steps for Generating Leads Using PURLs (COMING SOON) or check out this post on how to use PURLs to better measure your marketing efforts: Track & Measure OFFLINE Campaigns ONLINE with PURLs.