Niche Marketing: Ya Gotta Dig Deep to Strike Marketing Gold

Take a quick peek at your mail today, or look in your email inbox, and you’ll see what I like to call “NICHIFICATON.”

Retail marketing giants know that sending customized marketing messages to those who like THIS vs. those who like THAT leads to increased sales. The days of sending out one “umbrella” message are gone. With so many marketing streams competing for attention nowadays, customers are quick to dismiss what isn’t of immediate interest to them.

Today’s marketers need to segment and customize their marketing messages
for each target audience
they’re trying to reach.
That’s niche marketing at its BEST.

For example, if you’re an “outdoor enthusiast,” that could mean you’re interested in anything from camping to snowboarding. From bicycling to hunting big game. From kayaking to well, quite literally, “anything under the sun.” Ya gotta dig deeper . . .

And even if you determine which segment you’re going to target with your marketing message, that segment probably has its own sub-segments. (Grab your shovel again. We’re digging down deeper yet!)

If bicyclists are the outdoor enthusiasts you’re after, you still need to know if your audience is into road biking, bike racing, mountain biking, urban biking, and so on. Does your customer want to know about:

  • BMX bikes?
  • Recumbent bikes?
  • Hybrid bikes?
  • Tandem bikes?
  • Unicycles?

Each sub-segment has its own particular lifestyle, wants, and needs (bike parts, accessories, clothing, gear, food, etc.). Members of the racing crowd will have no interest in a mounted basket for carrying groceries. You need to do your homework and customize your message to include only relevant items.

Savvy marketers know how to reach and communicate with each sub-segment on an individualized level that’s targeted specifically to their unique needs and interests.

Using NICHIFICATION, you create customer intimacy and brand loyalty
by speaking to your customers in their own language.

It’s important you have a solid database to draw from when segmenting the different target audiences for your message, but that’s a topic for a whole other article!

For more information on how segmenting your target audience (say it with me now, “NICHIFICATION!”) can help you build a better relationship with YOUR customers, email us or give us a call at 262.790.5000. We’re here to help.

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