The art of the micro marketing pitch

Art Micro Pitch

When you’re faced with a small space, it’s tough to convey a big message!

Postcards, brochures and flyers need to say a lot in a very small amount of real estate: you need to perfect your micro marketing pitch to get it across clearly and concisely. The good news is, clients, customers and leads read these short bits of marketing material nearly 100% of the time—at least long enough to determine if they’re interested.

Think of it like a billboard or a ten second commercial. If you’ve got one chance to catch your customer’s attention, can you do it? What do you need to say and how do you say it fast?

1. Use design to your advantage

When it comes to designing great marketing materials, the look of the medium is part of the message. Utilize design elements to share the workload of words. It’s easy to sell when you’re given unlimited time and space to convince your audience, brevity is truly an artform.

When you design your postcard, brochure or flyer, keep it simple, eye-catching and clear. Something as seemingly basic as fonts evoke a strong reaction and convey a personality. If your brand is playful and fun, use lettering that fits your message. If you’re serious and stalwart, your design should match who you are.

2. Intrigue your audience

The true secret to a micro marketing pitch is it’s not a pitch at all. It’s more like a nibble, a taste or a sample. It should leave your customer hungry and wanting to know more: “What’s the free offer?” “What else do I need to know?” “How does this story end?”

Think of your micro-pitch as a headline. Look at the most intriguing headlines you click to see the commonalities—what caught your eye? Pay attention to email subject lines you can’t resist. If you’re handing your customer a small piece of information, use it as a breadcrumb luring them to your call to action—they want to Call now! Click here! Learn more!

3. Feature a singular clear message

When facing a small amount of space on a collateral piece of material, we often get a knee-jerk desire to stuff in as much information as possible. If you’ve got one shot to talk to a potential customer you want to say it all, right? Not if you want to get read.

In reality, a single message is much more powerful. Consider all you can say in only a few words: We know who you are and understand your problem. We can solve it. Do this action to enlist our help. If you’ve done your research beforehand, distilling your message is easy. Understand your target demographics and personalize your message to them directly. You know the problem and you’re ready to solve it!

4. Be as cool as ice

All this talk of brevity and minimalism may conjure images of a stark, plain, boring piece of material, when it couldn’t be further from the truth. Your postcard, flyer or mailer needs to be cool and exciting! Color, eye-catching graphics, photos, humor and personality play a huge factor when it comes to getting noticed.

Present your micro marketing pitch in a way the customer can’t ignore. Images to evoke an emotion, compelling photos, hilarious cartoons and motivating, inspiring message are all part of getting your piece read. Remember ICE: Every piece you produce should be Intriguing, Compelling and worth Exploring further. Does it pass the ICE test?

5. Include ONE call to action

The most important part of any collateral marketing piece is an effective call to action. You’ve provided the information, you’ve told your cool (short) story. The customers are intrigued, drawn in, and now they want to know more… What should they do? The next step should be crystal clear—Ask them to do ONE action: Do they call now for this limited offer? Should they visit your website to win? Can they text to schedule an appointment?

The best calls to action are simple, clear and trackable. Once a customer has taken the action you should immediately know where they came from (data that will become the lifeblood of your leads and future campaign success)—Were they sent there from your postcard? Did they read your brochure and visit your website to discover more? This helps you measure success, boost campaigns that are working and redirect those falling flat. When a message takes off, play it up!

Remembering these simple guidelines will help you perfect your micro sales pitch, draw in more leads and keep your business going strong! If you need help designing your next campaign, creating attention-grabbing flyers and marketing materials that get noticed, let us help! We know what gets results for our customers.

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