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Last week a new client called me to put together a direct mail postcard. They wanted to promote their rehab / physical therapy services to senior citizens who have fallen and need to get back up on their feet (so to speak).

When I asked them WHY they wanted to do a postcard, there was silence on the other end of the phone. After an uncomfortably long pause, the response came back: “I don’t know. We just thought we’d try it.”

In my industry, I hear this response from clients all too often. May I offer a bit of advice?

Simply throwing stuff out there “to see if it sticks” is an old-fashioned (and unreliable) cooking trick — not a MARKETING STRATEGY.

Most businesses think it’s enough to be one-dimensional in their marketing: “Here’s our message for you to respond to.” But a truly successful marketing campaign operates multi-dimensionally. It should get your target audience thinking about ALL SORTS of ways you could assist them.

Be sure to think both BIG and BROAD when
crafting your next marketing campaign.

Instead of merely developing an isolated postcard for seniors, I asked my client if there was a larger audience who needed the same rehabilitation services. He enthusiastically pointed out there were several other target markets that their message could apply to:

  • High school students with sports injuries
  • Weekend athletes with injures
  • Individuals in health clubs with injures

Then I asked, WHO & WHAT ELSE could this message include?

1. Could this direct mail postcard be part of a larger marketing initiative that reaches a broader audience?
2. Can we appeal to each group individually by customizing the postcard for each target audience?
3. Could we reach out to assisted-living facilities, health clubs, and high schools to offer a free 1-hour clinic at their location about how to prevent injuries and what to do if injuries do occur? (This would give our client targeted exposure and establish an overall relationship between them and assisted-living, health, and educational facilities in the area.)
4. Are there other opportunities with larger corporations that offer a Wellness Program, where this marketing model might also fit?

Suddenly, instead of having a simple postcard for seniors, the client had begun to build an effective branding campaign to project their image in the community as THE go-to resource for injury-related questions and concerns. Who do you suppose people will call the next time they’re injured and need help?

Before you put together your next direct mail campaign, be sure to ask yourself these 2 questions:

WHY are we doing it?
WHO & WHAT ELSE could this marketing effort include?

You might be surprised at all the brand exposure, relationship building, and marketing opportunities that these BIG, BROAD questions reveal!

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