5 reasons to fall back in love with print marketing

Fall In Love With Print Marketing

In a world that has become obsessed with digital communications, many marketers view print as a quaint relic of the past that has little or no relevance. Most businesses have overwhelmingly moved their marketing budgets to digital, because it seems to be where all the eyeballs and ears are focused.

But smart marketers are still using print media – including magazines, brochures and direct mail – to create a different, more immersive experience for their target audiences. It’s time to rethink print-based marketing, and how you can use it as part of your marketing mix.


1. PRINT provides credibility: There’s something about print that provides the feel of professionalism and trust. The web is filled with digital pollution: pop-ups, unrelated ads, click bait and linked content. There’s simply a sense of calm and focus with print that you don’t get from on-screen text. Anyone can create a web page, but not everyone is going to take the time to design, develop, print and distribute a high-quality printed piece.

2. PRINT builds your brand: Print is essential for building your brand. Week after week, when someone opens their mailbox and sees the same font, colors, and types of photos, they are becoming familiar with your brand. Take Target, for example. The moment you sift through your mail and see the explosion of red and white with that adorable little Bull Terrier, you instantly know it’s Target.

3. PRINT is tangible: A print piece is something you can actually hold in your hands. When you go to a friend’s house or a doctor’s office, they don’t have iPhones or iPads laying on the table for you to look through. What do they have? A table filled with magazines, newspapers, and brochures. Print items stay in houses and offices for months — even YEARS — unlike digital material, which often disappears with a single click.

4. PRINT reaches your target markets: Placing ads or columns in specialty publications can effectively reach niche audiences that may be difficult to target online. Focus on magazines that are targeting readers with profiles similar to the niches you hope to dominate. Standing out in a 70-page magazine is much easier than hoping prospects will find you online. Keep in mind that ads aren’t the only opportunity in print. You can also create a multi-page advertorials with a great deal of stopping power in a trade magazine.

5. PRINT is engaging: Let’s face it, when you’re online, you have the ability to click multiple links, open several tabs at once, and — in a matter of seconds — become deeply entangled in a morass of web content. This is where print prevails. Print pieces hold a person’s attention. When you’re looking through a magazine or newspaper, you don’t have the option to click links or have multiple pages open at once. Thus, your customers’ attention is much more focused on your message when it’s presented in the form of print media.

Certainly, the most effective way to market your business is to utilize multiple channels. Even though social media and digital marketing are vital pieces of your marketing puzzle, the whole picture won’t be complete without print. Some business people still prefer to read from a printed page, so it’s important to reach them, too.

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