It’s all about choice

Can’t figure out the best way for your customers to respond? Let them choose!

There are a lot of factors that come into play for a direct mail campaign to be successful. People spend a lot of time thinking about the creative, offer, and target lists. Sometimes we forget about call to action and make it more difficult than it needs to be to respond.

Not everyone wants to respond to an offer the same way. One person might feel comfortable responding by email. Another might prefer to respond by phone. Others will respond on the Internet using a generic or personalized URL.

Consider your audience. A college student most likely will not respond to a tear out card but might be intrigued by a PURL or QR Code. If you are marketing to retirees, a tear out card and an 800 number is more appropriate even though more and more are becoming very web savvy.

You can test your response mechanisms to learn more about the different client preferences. One client tested a PURL and a tear out card because his audience was too mixed to give him a clear indication of the best response mechanism. Surprisingly, the tear out card outperformed the PURL. Digital Printing allows for a variation in offers to an identical campaign. Once people respond, you can add this preference to your database and capitalize on this information in your next campaign. It is a simple way to boost response rates, even without making any other changes to your campaign.