Here is another reason to love direct mail!

On July 1st of this year the State of Wisconsin declared direct mail exempt from sales tax. So currently any direct mail piece printed and delivered through the postal system should be exempt from state sales tax. This is great news for anyone that depends on direct mail to drive sales!

Direct mail has always been a great communications channel when you need to reach an audience that you can’t reach with email, or just won’t respond to other digital communications. According to ExactTarget’s 2012 Channel Preference Study, while email has overtaken direct mail as the most acceptable channel for a wide range of marketing messages, direct mail is a very close number two. The fact that 65% of consumers have made a purchase as the result of a direct mail piece is a testament to direct mail’s continued value and relevance in your marketing mix.

The cost of engagement continues to be effective as printing, postage, and now taxes are coming down. The average cost per lead is low and very competitive compared to other communications channels.

So keep using direct mail and let us worry about saving you the cost of sales tax associated with direct mail. For more information about how we can save you money on direct mail and get you great response rates, contact your Heritage Account Representative.

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