Connections Education gives Web-to-Print an A+

Testimonial Connections

When Connections Education was looking for a way to simplify ordering of stationery, business cards, direct mailers and other printed materials for its 39 schools, it turned to Heritage’s innovative Web-to-Print service. Using a secure website, its 600 active users can place orders for over 60 types of print materials and can quickly customize them with their local school’s information. All orders are printed at Heritage’s Brookfield, WI headquarters and are promptly shipped to the schools across the U.S.

According to senior marketing communications coordinator Mary Callas, this efficient, easy-to-use online system has enabled Connections Education to reduce costs by grouping print orders together. It also gives the schools a consistent brand image and eliminates the time-consuming proofing and approvals that every order used to require.

“Working with Heritage has been an extremely pleasant experience,” she says.

“They have always been quick to respond to any questions we might have, and they always go the extra mile to help us with unique or last-minute requests. The web storefront is so helpful for us because it allows customers all across the country to access the various stationery items we have available. Heritage was able to customize our pieces for over 40 different brands, and we’re consistently happy with their service. Thanks to Heritage for being such a reliable company to work with!”