Command Attention with Unique Dimensional Mailers

Command Attention with Unique Dimensional Mailers

Wondering how to really grab your target audience’s attention? Want to make your marketing message stand out from the cacophony of advertising, content, and endless promotion?

If you’re looking for the best way to get higher response rates, reach your key prospects in your target audience, and tell people you’re ready for business, it’s time to get creative! Unique dimensional mailers are one excellent way to get noticed.

Exploring the Power of Unique Dimensional Mailers

What can break through the clutter, capture the attention of your key prospects, and provide them with a one-of-a-kind experience? Dimensional mailers.

It’s no secret that direct mail campaigns get results. 80-90% of direct mail gets opened, with a success rate of over 30%. Personalize those direct mailers, and you’ll get an even better response. But when your target is busy executives with piles of marketing collateral and junk mail on their desks, dimensional mailers make a lasting impression and stand out from the crowd.

What are dimensional mailers? These hard-working marketing pieces aren’t flat like conventional direct mail. Each piece has a third dimension. Some examples of dimensional mailers include boxes, tubes, and bottles. They might even include free samples or a giveaway item. Yes, dimensional mailing campaigns can be more expensive than traditional mailings like postcards and letters, but they make up for it with exceptional response rates.

Add ABM To Your Marketing Mix

One of the best ways to get attention is to include account-based management (ABM) in your marketing mix. For those unfamiliar, ABM is a way to target those highly desirable prospects by combining forces of sales and marketing in your campaign.

Think of it as a hyper-targeted marketing strategy. Because these are highly desirable leads, you can get a little more personalized with your direct mail piece—add some dazzle and increase the wow factor. Traditional one-size-fits-all messaging builds brand awareness. You need it to ensure your company stays on top of mind with prospects.

But traditional messaging strategies aren’t enough for those senior-level executives and key prospects. The truth is that they ignore most marketing and promotion tactics (because they get so many). To really dial into their wants and needs, you need a more personalized, high-impact approach—ABM.

The best time to expand your marketing efforts is NOW. Include ABM and key account focus to help your messages resonate. One powerful solution? Dimensional mailers!

Ready to get recipients’ attention with a unique dimensional piece? Here are three of our favorite creative examples of high-impact marketing collateral.

1. “Eye” See What You Did There

A yellow box is open to show a white vinyl case embedded inside the box. The case features green and grey lettering with the company logo.

When a vision services insurer needed to catch the “eye” of crucial corporate decision-makers, they used a unique dimensional mailer to get attention. The goal was to generate sales appointments with an incentive that couldn’t be ignored.

The company mailed out a bright yellow box with a fashionable vinyl case emblazoned with the company’s logo. The brief instructions in the mailer told prospects that they’d get a complimentary pair of Oakley or Ray-Ban Sunglasses with every scheduled sales meeting. Talk about an offer they couldn’t refuse!

2. A Message in a Bottle

A clear wine bottle features a cork on the top and a parchment-colored scroll inside. The message in a bottle marketing campaign was delivered in a wooden box filled with tan packing material.

Who can resist a mysterious message in a bottle? Recipients were compelled to open this message right away.

A savvy marketer placed an elegantly hand-written note inside an empty wine bottle. Once the cork was in place, a tag was added to the bottleneck with a welcome message. This unignorable dimensional mail piece was delivered in an antique-style cardboard box that looked like distressed wood, providing recipients with a truly unique and unforgettable marketing experience.

3. A Door-Raising Experience

A dimensional mailer that mimics the appearance of silver roll-up doors. The message is written on the red and grey mailer with a bold typeface to get attention.

For a recent show, Heritage designed a mailer inspired by the Weight Watchers’ “slide ruler” points calculator. The outside of the mailer showed a rectangular pocket of thin-walled cardstock. The pocket was closed on three sides but open on the end. The recipient can pull a tab to view a card nestled on the inside.

We designed the trade show invitation with a photo of a roll-up door on the insert card. When the recipient pulled the tab, the door opened to reveal a unique code. Heritage digitally printed the personalized mailing information and the unique codes for 135 VIPs. Recipients could bring the code to the trade show booth to see if they won a free giveaway!

Try it!

When well-executed, dimensional mailers are a valuable part of an outbound marketing strategy. They should always be on-brand with your messaging and capture your company’s personality. They should speak to your key prospects’ needs and stand out in an entertaining and interactive way.

If you’re looking for ideas for unique dimensional mailers to capture key prospects in your target market, Heritage Printing can help. Our creative team members will help you create unique experiences for your business prospects that yield high response rates. Reach out today!

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