How to choose a printing company: 4 qualities of a great printer

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If your company needs printed marketing materials, there are plenty of printer options out there—probably a few local printers right around the corner. The trick is knowing how choose a printing company who can meet your needs on time, offer high quality customer service, and of course, charge reasonable prices.

So what qualities should you look for as you choose a printing company? Price is a big decision factor for many, but it’s certainly not the only point you should look at.

Here’s how to choose a printing company that leaves you happy with the results of every project, every time.

The 4 Qualities to Consider When You Choose a Printing Company

1. Competitive Pricing

Yes, we said price is only one of the factors you should consider, but we all know it’s an important one. Every business, regardless of size, wants to choose a printing company with competitive prices.

Fortunately, in the printing industry, prices are often consistent, but quality varies widely. Don’t choose a printing company simply based on price alone—always look at the value of the final product.

2. High-Quality Printing

Printed materials are an effective way to capture your customer’s attention…but quality counts. You need clear, concise and eye-catching print materials. You often have a short time to get your message across.

The truth is, customers notice printed materials and they expect a professional product. 85% of customers are more likely to shop at a business with professionally printed materials like business cards, flyers, and brochures. 9 out of 10 people say printed materials are a direct reflection of the business and brand itself. Never sacrifice quality for a nominal savings on price.

3. Top-Notch Fast Service

We know you’re on a deadline! It’s rare to find a business who doesn’t need materials finished, stat! When you choose a printing company, they should keep up with your turnaround time, while offering expertise and friendliness. Speed is important, but so is service.

Your printing company is an extension of your marketing team. They should care about your project and win your confidence. They should always get the project done right and on-time. When you choose a printing company, select a business who feels like a partner. Check the printing company’s reviews online. Look for a company who stands behind their work.

4. A Variety of Print Capabilities

Your business has a wide-variety of needs. You may need flyers, postcards, marketing brochures, catalogs and more. While you could shop each project out to the lowest bidder, you may find yourself disappointed with the result. You need a company who knows your business, and helps you craft awesome print marketing materials consistently and across the board.

When you choose a printing company, they should do more than one type of project well. They should offer you a variety of services. The company should offer creative solutions. Your printing company should talk you through questions about design and help you understand your options on factors like paper weight and stock.

At Heritage, we can proudly say, when clients choose us for their print job, they’ve made the right decision. We offer exceptional responsiveness and professional service every time. We know you’re depending on us and we want to help your printed projects stand out!