Johnathan Crawford

Don’t Ask Email to Do Direct Mail’s Job

By Johnathan Crawford / March 13, 2013

Are you trying to acquire new customers by sending emails to a rented list? That’s like hammering nails with a screwdriver. You’re misusing the tool, and things could get ugly. Those rentable email lists may be opt-in – that is, people agreed to subscribe – but most likely, recipients aren’t interested in what you’re promoting.…

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Open Sesame

By Johnathan Crawford / January 29, 2013

One challenge faced by both direct mail and email is getting the communication piece opened. In emails, using an intriguing subject line gets people to click open the message. For postal direct mailers, the challenge is getting recipients to tear open the envelope or self-mailer so they see and read what’s inside. So how do…

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Two Direct Mail Copywriting Strategies

By Johnathan Crawford / January 8, 2013

Is your direct mail piece not getting the response you hoped for? Take a moment to review the copy and offer. Direct mail should sell a single offer that leads the recipient to respond. The offer must have value, and it’s best if it relates directly to the product you’re selling. Here are two key…

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Three Rules of Direct Marketing – Plus a Fourth

By Johnathan Crawford / December 18, 2012

Marketing as having two foundation stones. The first is brand marketing: developing strategies and messages that build value for our product or service by influencing the way people think and feel about them. The second foundation stone occurs when we ask for the order by presenting and discussing a price. That’s the “direct” part of…

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