A Successful Direct Mail Campaign – House of Harley

House of Harley relies on direct mail as an important part of their marketing mix. They know that compelling art and a clear message still have the power to stand out for the customers they target. That’s why they’ve built up the physical size of their pieces over the last few years, along with the quantity mailed. It helps generate a better response and makes mailings a more viable part of the marketing mix.

This year, Sarah Maio, marketing manager at House of Harley, went through the process of going in a new direction with some help from Heritage Printing. Sarah was aware of the scratch-off concept from using it in other markets and had seen how the idea of free money could be a powerful motivator. After discussions with Heritage Printing about their pre-holiday shopping piece, House of Harley decided to move forward with a scratch-and-save offer for the first time and it ended with a successful piece and a wonderful return! In addition to helping figure out where the new items would fit best in the layout, Heritage Printing also encouraged the addition of a QR code, another first for House of Harley. In Sarah’s own words:

“The scratch-off concept worked incredibly well to drive traffic into the House of Harley-Davidson for pre-holiday shopping. The House sets itself apart from other Harley dealerships with our truly exceptional customer service. So driving new traffic into the store will always result in increased sales, not to mention strengthening the relationship with our loyal customer base. We also used the piece as a calendar of events for the month of December so the customers would have advanced knowledge of which events and offers were forthcoming.

The campaign worked even better than I had anticipated with a 4.5% return rate on the scratch-off piece alone. For us, it’s all about dynamic art and simple copy to engage the customer. Adding the scratch-off component just reinforced the importance of a concise message and a clean mailing list.”

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House of Harley’s final product: