10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Clients

Client Gift Ideas

The holidays are upon us!

Even though we should show our clients appreciation all year long, showing a little extra love during the holidays is a fantastic gesture.

But what if your office-elves are busy with other end-of-year projects, leaving them little time to prepare something for your awesome clients? Don’t worry… you don’t need a Christmas miracle to provide your clients with gifts they’ll love this holiday season.

Here are 10 simple, yet memorable, HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS for your clients!

1. Send Santa. If you have a client who has stayed with you for years and is a vital part of your business’s success, hire a Santa to deliver them a bag of goodies! You can find local Santas for hire with a simple online search. Located in Southeastern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois? Check out Gig Salad to hire your next Santa!

2. Give a Holiday Pick-Me-Up. Starbucks gift cards are always a great holiday gift! There are plenty of locations, and they sell more than coffee (for those who aren’t big caffeine junkies). Want to go the extra mile? Purchase a personalized Starbucks tumbler with their name on it, and stick a gift card inside!

3. Send Them to a Show. Take an hour or so and do some research on your client. Do they have a Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter account? Do a little recon and see what they post about. You can find out a lot about someone from their personal social accounts: Do they have photos of their family at Green Bay Packers games? Do they go to a lot of plays? Get them tickets to something they enjoy and do away from the office! It will show that you value them on a personal level and remind them of the special relationship you’ve built.

4. Send FUN Holiday Cards. Anyone can mail a generic red-and-green card that reads, “Happy Holidays from {enter your business name here}.” Put a little extra thought into your card — add a personal (handwritten) message from the CEO, get a fun photo of your staff, use clever headlines, and different print techniques.

5. Offer Some New Year’s Inspiration. Every business can use a little inspiration and motivation from time to time. Find an inspirational quote that you can have printed and framed. Your client can hang it in their office, where it will not only inspire them, but also remind them of you!

6. Give a Subscription or Publication. The great thing about gifting subscriptions is that they come all year-round! Provide your client with a subscription to a niche magazine or publication. You can also send online eBooks or purchase a book related to their market.

7. Make ’em Merry with Music. Send an iTunes or Spotify gift card… or even upgrade their Pandora account. Music makes everything better!

8. Fuel Them with Food for Thought. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a free meal! Send them gift cards to local restaurants with a note saying that they can enjoy a lunch on you. Feeling really ambitious? Send in a catered meal to their office, or gift them a membership to the Breakfast-of-the-Month Club!

9. Make a Video to Show Your Appreciation. Cards are GREAT, but the problem is the client can’t see or hear your appreciation. Gather the staff together and create a fun holiday thank-you. Keep the video under a minute — but keep it fun! Make sure to have the CEO on camera personally thanking the individual clients by name. Not video savvy? Check out Ready, and… ACTION! 6 Tips for Creating Video Marketing Content to get started!

10. Offer a Service on the House. Provide your client with a free service to redeem in the new year — especially if they’ve been a client for a long period of time.

Whatever gift you choose, it’s important to include some type of message that expresses your gratitude, along with the sentiment that you look forward to continuing doing business with them. These clients are the ones that keep your business up and running — it’s important to thank them appropriately!

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