10 Brilliant Print Marketing Ads You Can’t Help But Stare At


I don’t know about you — but print advertisements are still some of my favorite things to gawk at in the marketing world. Since TiVo came into my life, television commercials have become nonexistent, and I’ve learned to ignore those pesky online advertisements and pop-ups. But when I look through a magazine or see a billboard with an incredibly creative ad campaign, I can’t help but STARE!

Print advertising is still one of the most powerful ways to share your message and brand. It provides the perfect opportunity for complete creativity and powerful messaging.

These 10 innovative print campaigns clearly prove my point . . .

1. Utopoli

Creative Print Ad

2. Zoo Safari


2. Olympus

4. Band-Aid

5. Bose

Bose Ad
6. Oreo

7. Nikol


8. Electro Recycling

9. B&B Hotels
10. FedEx
Come on, tell me you don’t already LOVE these companies a little bit more now! Visual advertising is a very powerful thing — especially when you think outside the box.

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