Better Results Webinar Series

Webinar 1

Strategy & Planning

Start your direct marketing programs with a solid plan for effective execution. This webinar will help you get organized with a plan.

Webinar 2

Data Development & Analysis

Get your database organized! We’ll show you tips and tricks for gathering your data and making it a focused, effective tool.

Webinar 3

Creative, Messaging & Design

Get people to take action with eye-popping design and creative messaging that’s relevant to the recipient.

Webinar 4

Distribution Channels

We’ll show you commonsense strategies to distribute your message and your offer to the right audience.

Webinar 5

KPI Measurement Analysis

Know your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). In this 8-minute webinar, you'll learn the value of KPIs before, during and after your campaigns.

Getting Better Results with Direct Marketing:

Webinar Series Intro

We’ll introduce a fresh approach to achieving better results from your direct marketing efforts. Specialists Bob Wendt and Noemi Hedrich will break down the proven Heritage+ process into five, easy-to-grasp components that will make a difference in the outcomes of your programs. You’ll learn the power behind applying a “Good, Better and Best” approach to your process, providing you with a strategic method for improving response. You’ll learn the “big picture” behind this innovative approach to direct marketing.

Make a Difference in your Direct Marketing with Heritage+ Results-driven Methodologies

When your direct marketing programs need more lift or you’re not sure how to get started to develop a campaign, contact Heritage+. Our direct marketing specialists can help you make a difference in your results. Remember, every response counts!

When it comes to direct marketing success

Smart people like smart ideas.

Direct marketing results are often elusive but our new eGuide presents a systematic approach that’s anchored by a lot of really SMART IDEAS. It’s a plan that out-thinks the other guys and adds-up to knock your socks off BETTER RESULTS.

Five eGuide sections that will bring you answers and an edge:  

  • Fast-tracking the planning process so it’s once and for all, easier
  • Getting your arms firmly around your data
  • Taking the headaches out of creating a message that drives response
  • Learn which distribution channels are best when you only have so much money 
  • Measurement methods that are simple, straightforward and give you actionable answers 

Of course, you’ll have to download Better Results and read it first.